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Boheme Dog Collar Personnalized

24,99€ 49,99€
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A Simple Way to Relieve Back Pain & Improve Flexibility!

✔️ Relieved chronic back pain

✔️ Relieved muscle stiffness

✔️ Relieves nerve pain

✔️ Lower and upper muscle support

✔️ Corrects postural imbalances

✔️ Promotes relaxation according to the physiological curvature of your spine

✔️ Improves flexibility in your shoulder and back muscles


Has 88 plastic pins that brings acupuncture effect by deeply pressing the specific acupoints. These help activate the natural healing response and improve the blood circulation to give you complete back pain relief, spinal pain, muscle pain, etc.


The lumbar alignment stretcher can be used whenever you are lying or sitting. The back alignment device can be placed on a chair to help correct your sitting posture, or car seat to serve as a lumbar support for car that helps reduce the tiredness especially for long time road drive.


MyHappyBacj® has 3 slots for height adjustment, designed for people of all ages. The higher the back stretcher lifts, the stronger stretch you will get.

Boheme Dog Collar Personnalized

24,99€ 49,99€
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  • ❔ How Does It Work

    When laying down on the back stretcher, gravity allows the front of your body to effortlessly stretch out and upwards, and the surrounding muscles start to relax, gently decompressing the discs in your vertebrae, realigning the spine, relieving tension and pain.You'll be amazed by how good you feel after justone use!

  • ✋ What weight does it support?

    It can support up to 150 Kgs